Alex Lukeman


I'm a former Marine and professional musician. I like riding old, fast motorcycles, sipping Barbados rum, and playing guitar, usually not at the same time. I live in the Sierra foothills of Northern California

Books By This Author

“There are some books that you just can't put down and this is one of them. The story takes off at a fast pace and the momentum just keeps mounting. The central characters are well drawn, easy to empathize with and they have good, believable dialogue. - 5 stars”

Joyce W - Kindle reviewer on The Tesla Secret

“Fast paced, tight threads, big surprises, and a strong plot keep you reading long after midnight. Before you've reached the last page you are anticipating the next installment in this outstandingly written thriller.”

Nash Black, author of SANDPRINTS OF DEATH on The Lance

“When I began White Jade, I could see this was going to take me to places I loved. Murder, foreign intrigue, FBI, CIA, plots and plenty of action.”

grammy1 - Kindle reviewer on White Jade

“Although this is the third in The Project series, it reads perfectly well as a stand-alone story. Full of action, adventure, thrills, and chills - it's a real edge-of-your-seat read. Mr. Lukeman has done an excellent job in weaving all the details into a spine-tingling account. You can tell the facts were well-researched, and described perfectly. It's well-written, fast paced, and superbly edited. What a ride - I can't wait to read the rest of his books!”

mountainmama - Kindle reviewer on The Seventh Pillar

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