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Almondie Shampine lives in New York with her two children and their animals, and has been writing professionally for 14 years. She's a proud author of 'Monster Down the Street' in Linden Hills Beyond Time and Place, 'My Son' in a teenage anthology, 'Intrusion', an adult e-book, as well as a variety of short stories, poems, and articles, four of which were contest winners. Her most recent fiction novel releases are The Reform, The Modules, Glimp$es, Intelligent Design, and Blind Fate. Her next book, Otherland, is currently in the midst of a campaign on KindleScout. You can read the excerpt and vote for this book through 10/20/15 for your chance to get the book for free.

She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology: Applied Behavioral Analysis, which has inspired a lot of material for her psychological thrillers. Almondie writes for all ages and a variety of genres in addition to her thrillers, including but not limited to romance, adventure, horror, paranormal, fantasy, contemporary, and literary suspense novels.

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