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Livia Quinn is a D.C. native living on the bayou in Louisiana. She began pursuing her dream of publication after a layoff and a little known event called Katrina in 2005. With several interruptions in her career, all involving weather, it’s only natural that storms would be at the center of many of her stories. 

She has written eight books based in the communities surrounding Storm Lake— an infamous, though fictional lake in Southern Louisiana. She is a business owner and professional singer, salesperson, plant manager, computer trainer, and mail lady. She's never met a Tempestaerie or a sexy Aussie gem hunter, but she has met some hunky cover models so see…Anything Can Happen!

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Books By This Author

“Loved the story and the characters. It's really a great twist on old legends. Think Mayberry mixed up with djinnes, and storm witches. Really great read. ”

“This book got me from the first paragraph, couldn't put it down. Feisty cop meets book cover model, perfect book!”

“Hot, hot, hot. Did I mention, it's hot? Loved the scenes in Brazil. They were so real that I wonder if Ms. Quinn has actually been there. Strong characters. Tight, fast plot. Oh, and it's hot.”

“I really enjoyed the revelations and discoveries she went through with him…awesome character developments here!!! I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it to those readers looking for intrigue, mystery and romance. ”

“I have to say this is one of the best written stories Ive read in a while. I loved the way this was written and the story it tells. This is not a short read, but also not one of those books that have you skipping paragraphs (sometimes pages) to find stuff relevant to the story. The author does a very good job of letting you get to know the characters in a way that feels natural and flows all in good time. I love that you adds the romance industries struggles into her story, and it is also done in such a way you dont even realize…. I can NOT give this book enough praise.”

“I loved this book!! Exciting, sexy and sit on the edge of your seat kind of book!!! ... Ms. Quinn, I could see the love from the very first page. 5 stars is not enough to give this book! Wish I could give you more because this book is worth 10 stars! I really ENJOYED Undone!!!”

“This series just keeps getting better. Livia Quinn not only writes about magic but her words are magical. I've stopped reading some other authors because their writing has turn to fantasy, and I've never been into this type of books. But this series has taken ahold of my interest and I just can not get enough. Looking forward to the next book, I hope it's out soon.”

“Storm Crazy is awesome! I love this series! ”

“As a reader, I enjoy holiday novels with the characters I'm come to love in the author's other series books. Merry Christmas, Baby: A Knights Christmas did not disappoint. You were introduced to new characters as well as beloved favorites. Mine were Buffy and Ridge...I was surprised and elated when I read their happy news. It is always cool when the characters come together to celebrate the season and you can see their love for one another. I'm now hooked on the newest characters Beau and Madison. I do hope Miss Livia give them their own story. I loved this novel and highly recommend it to those who like a cool story line...Happy Holidays my fellow readers!!! Awesome job once again Livia!!!”

“I really enjoyed this book. The characters were wonderful and the story was great. Most of all, it brings up the troubles that vets are having getting help from the VA for their ptsd and other medical problems. My dad was a proud WW11 vet til the day he passed and he had many problems getting help from the VA. I hope all of you that read this find a way to give a helping hand to our wounded warriors.”

“Ok, I am hooked! I am so ready to know the rest of the story from this series. There is so much hope and underlying romantic tension. Give me, give me, give me some more!!! ”

“Once you enter the world of Destiny, with all its interesting Paramortal characters, you will never want to leave. This was a great book! I didn’t want it to end. Once you enter the world of Destiny, with all its interesting Paramortal characters, you will never want to leave. I loved the main character, Tempest Pomeroy, who is a tempestaerie, a storm witch, trying to find out about her family as she solves the disappearance of her brother with the help of new sheriff in town Jack (laser) Lang. The author does a terrific job of capturing the southern Louisiana coulture. This book delivers the perfect combination of suspense and fantasy with romance. Can’t wait for the next one!”

“I can’t wait to read the next installment in the Storm Lake West series and I’m totally addicted to these characters!!! Favorite Character: My favorite character in this story has got to be Conor. I loved the softness of this Warrior/Dragon in the midst of pure chaos. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a warrior through and through but he has a compassionate side that made me love him.”

“Oh my God I just loved this book. I don't know how I missed the first two books of this series. Do yourself a favor and run don't walk to your one click button and buy this book. You want regret it,I didn't. I'll be 're ding this again as soon as GET the first two books of this series.”

“I really enjoyed reading this. The characters and setting seemed rich and full of life. Ms. Quinn truly has a wonderful imagination to bring about such excitement in this book. ”

“It’s the night before Chaos (24 hour period where many Paramortals lose their powers and are weakened humans and where the bad/evil paranormal creatures lay waste to Storm Lake and everyone in it) and our gang of Paramortals are starting to act oddly. They’re slowly losing their powers and evil is infiltrating Storm Lake...They’re a fantastic couple and I loved the two of them together. Foreplay equals sparring in the dark. Loved it!”

“What a great read! I truly enjoyed the storyline.”

“ Loved the characters as they were added throughout the storylines. Great reading.”

“All I can say is WOW! In the same fast-paced action as any Indiana Jones film with sizzling bedroom scenes so hot, it burned my fingers, Undone is a scintillating romance. Livia Quinn creates swoon-worthy characters with an adventurous plot that makes the time fly by. A quick read, Undone gets my vote for the one book I’d like to curl up to to stay warm.”

“Loved the way the author had the alpha hero working with underprivileged kids. She made the tough guy soft in all the right spots. The kick-ass heroine was also impressed. And the psycho villain was real enough to give me the creeps. Another keeper from this author!”

“This novel keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time. I couldn't put it down. An amazing blend of fantasy and romance combined. I'd recommend this book for anyone who wants a taste of southern supernatural fantasy. A great read. The suspense is overwhelming and has me hooked......can't wait for the next book to come out!!!!”

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