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J.D. Faulkner lives in Seattle, Washington. She spends her time reading anything she can get her hands on; studying Greek and Roman mythology; and avoiding the rain whenever she can. MIRRORED TIME is her first novel and book one of the Time Archivist Novels. Currently, she is working on the second book of the series, FRACTURED TIME.

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“Reviewed by Sarah Lowry for Readers' Favorite Mirrored Time by J.D. Faulkner is the story of a young woman’s incredible journey of discovering herself. Gwen believes she is a normal woman who decided not to go into law school because her aunt is fighting cancer. Instead, she answers an ad for a job in the Archives. However, this job is not the legal filing she believed she would be doing. Her new boss, Alistair, holds many secrets, including what the Archives really are: time streams. Gwen must come to terms with the new knowledge that time is not linear, her own ability to use the time streams, and deal with Rafe, the handsome young thief who wants to protect her. Meanwhile, there is a dark force working to get out of its mirrored prison. J.D. Faulkner tells a riveting story in Mirrored Time. I won’t give any spoilers, but the end is a surprising twist that has me aching to read the next book. The book does end on a bit of a cliffhanger, but I enjoy that personally. This book had me smiling, crying, and on the edge of my seat. Gwen and Rafe were characters that were easy to identify with, and I loved that the story wove in key aspects of Gwen’s normal life so that I could journey through the heartache and happiness with her. The plot is fascinating and kept me guessing about what was going to happen. Faulkner’s writing is easy to read and flows well; I forgot I was reading because I was transported into the story. I look forward to the next book.”

“JD Faulkner knows how to spin a good yarn. She weaves a web of enchanting characters thrown into plausible situations with plenty of intrigue and just the hint of something a little odd to keep you guessing. Having hooked your attention, she reels you in with such phenomenal skill you don't even notice the barb until she sucker-punches your emotions with yet another heart-rending blow. But it's all done with such warmth, wit and wonderful self-deprecating humility that when this delightfully understated voice throws a bunch of blindingly complex science-y bits at you, somehow, you don't even notice. It all makes perfect sense. Definitely one of the best new novels I have read in, like - for ever. Or at least a short lifetime.”

“When I read the reviews for this book's excerpt in the ABNA contest (Mirrored Time - 2014 ABNA Entry) I had to read the excerpt myself. Then, after I read it, I absolutely had to read the entire book. I've been waiting FOREVER for this to come out. Let me tell you it was most definitely worth the wait. Gwen is one of the most likeable characters I've seen in a long time. Rafe is perfect and Alistair is brilliant. This writer has an amazing way of pulling you along in the story and then throwing a twist at you that you absolutely did not see coming. I really hope this story is the first in a very long series as I want to read them all - RIGHT NOW! ”


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