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Charlsie Russell is a graduate of the University of Mississippi and is a retired United States Navy Commander turned author. She loves reading, she loves history, and she loves the South. She focuses her writing on historical fiction set in her home state of Mississippi.

After seven years of rejection, she woke up one morning and decided she did not have enough years left on this planet to sit back and hope a New York publisher would one day take a risk on her novels. Thus resolved, she expanded her horizons into the publishing realm with the creation of Loblolly Writer’s House. Four years after the first printed copies of The Devil’s Bastard hit the bookstore shelves, she expanded her formats to include the growing digital markets.

In addition to writing and publishing, Ms. Russell is married and has raised five children. She lives with their father on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Books By This Author

“In 1897 Lionel Augustus died. Much to the resentment of his siblings, he left his considerable wealth and property to his bastard son and his much beloved step-daughter -- but with the stipulation that in order to inherit they had to marry. But there are malevolent forces arrayed against them as a couple-- and against each other. A deftly written romantic mystery that is original, complex, and gothic in its structure, Epico Bayou demonstrates Charlsie Russell as a master storyteller and her latest novel a truly riveting read from beginning to end. Also highly recommended for personal reading lists and community library collections.... ”

“Wolf Dawson by Charlsie Russell is a compelling and superbly crafted novel that takes for its subject the impact the aftermath of the American Civil War had on the lives of some of the people and community of Natchez, Mississippi. Some ten years after the Confederate Army reported Jeff Dawson had been killed in action, the once dirt-poor young man unexpectedly returns a man of enough wealth to by White Oak Glen, the once opulent home of a pre-war aristocratic family. We also encounter Juliet Seaton, a young woman struggle to hold on to the remains of her family farm against the excesses of the post-war Federal occupation. A struggle complicated by a drunken brother and the importunities of needy relatives. And if that weren't enough, there is a marauding wolf slaughtering precious livestock. Other complications are the suspicions of her brother that the man calling himself Jeff Dawson is an imposter, a neighbor hell-bent on avenging his sister who died in childbirth after being raped by a Seaton man, and the local folklore that Jeff Dawson's grandfather (who was part Creek Indian) was a shape-shifter who could turn into a wolf. That old belief led to the lynching of the grandfather and the expectation by some that perhaps Jeff is conducting a vendetta against the vigilantes responsible. When Seaton livestock and some Natchez prostitutes are murdered, Jeff and Juliet (who have a compelling attraction for each other) must somehow find out the killer and heal old community wounds. Wolf Dawson is an original and very highly recommended addition to any personal or community library reading list or historical fiction collection. ”

“A massive historical saga, Camellia Creek is no ordinary novel and its author, Charlsie Russell, is no ordinary storyteller. Great attention is paid to the creation of memorable characters and riveting story lines that keep the reader's rapt attention from beginning to end. Wonderfully entertaining, Camellia Creek is a highly recommended read and would make an enduringly popular addition to community library Historical Fiction collections.”

“ For fortune and fame in the antebellum south, there are those who won't play by the rule to get at it. River's Bend is a historical mystery from Charlsie Russell as [s]he crafts a story of murder and deception, sour deals of real estate, and a good dose of romance, it's a riveting novel with plenty of twists and turns that makes for a hard to put down read. River's Bend is a fine addition to any historical fiction community library collection.”

“Written by retired U.S. Navy commander and mother Charlsie Russell, The Devil's Bastard is a historical romance set in late 1700's and early 1800's Mississippi. The passionate bonds of love between young Angelique and her rescuer Mathias are heavily overshadowed by the threat of Mathias' unknown father, whispered to be a demon. To quell her doubts, Angelique must risk uncovering the hidden secret of Mathias' sire, in this stirring tale of passion, danger, and emotional rifts that endure across generations. ”

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