Jada Ryker


Jada is the author of Dog Days of Karma, the first Carr - Maah Consulting mystery/paranormal novel; A Pink Zombie, with a Mist, a Shaken, Not Stirred, mystery/horror adventure; and Murder Takes a Dare, the first book in the Takes a Dare mystery series. The books combine humor and murder in a total package of entertaining and fun southern adventures. At the same time, Jada sketches in addiction/recovery issues and childhood angst with a deft and compassionate touch.

Jada spent the first twenty-odd years of her life in rural Kentucky, many of those years without electricity or running water. In her writings, Jada draws upon her early years of deprivation.

Now, she lives in central Kentucky with her wonderful husband and their cat, rescued from the animal shelter. In her day job, Jada works in higher education. She holds a masters degree in public administration.

Jada's mystery adventures are available on Amazon in electronic and paperback formats.

  • The Shaken, Not Stirred, Mystery/Horror Series:
  • A Pink Zombie, with a Mist
  • Gimlet and Other Stories: The collected short stories run the gamut from mystery to horror to science fiction.
  • The Takes a Dare Series:
  • Murder Takes a Dare
  • Mayhem Takes a Dare
  • Arson Takes a Dare
  • The Carr - Maah Consulting Agency Series:
  • Dog Days of Karma
  • Equi Knocks of Karma
  • Soul Stice of Karma (planned release 2016)
  • May the Fourth (Be with You)
  • A Permanently-Free (Kindle version on Amazon) Collection of Stories Across Time and Space.
  • "Gimlet"
  • The Cat, the Crow, and the Cauldron: A Halloween Anthology
  • The anthology is a wicked compilation of stories across genres, ranging from paranormal romance to horror. It's Permanently-Free (Kindle version on Amazon).
  • "Dead Eye"

Jada loves feedback from readers, both one-on-one and through customer reviews on Amazon.com. Connect with Jada to share your thoughts about her books by emailing her at jada_ryker@yahoo.com or by visiting her website.

Books By This Author

“The enjoyable page-turner is filled with snappy dialog and memorable characters, who delight with current social commentary. Ms. Ryker deftly lays out the story with surprising twists and turns that are nicely braided by the end. Laugh-out-loud comedy is interspersed with danger and suspense, as well as a good dose of magic, as Dr. Olivia West and her friends solve a mystery in the backcountry of Kentucky. I highly recommend this novel!”

“Author Jada Ryker masters the creative use of language, wordplay, and plot, in this collection of short stories. The stories are emotional, funny, scary, and wonderfully written... I also enjoyed the subtle humor... This smart engaging collection of stories will keep you entertained. I also think you'll want to read it more than once. Another nice feature of this collection is the explanation before each story. This writer has taken great care to create memorable characters and situations. A fabulous read! ”

“I sincerely hope that the Carr-Maah Consulting Agency stays in business for a while. A well written novel, (it) combines mystery and humor to...tell a darn good story... The author has created some memorable characters, and has successfully woven a tale that will keep the reader turning pages...You won't have it all figured out until the end.”

“A Pink Zombie, with a Mist, is another well written and original story by this very talented writer…The story is complex with several layered issues - past and present. The main character Dr. Olivia West is a great narrative voice and for me made the story worth reading all by itself. The chemistry between Olivia and Detective Steven is well done and adds another layer of interest to the murder / horror plot. Ryker has a knack for keeping the pace and the suspense and the story going effortlessly. ”

“Macey Malloy bursts onto the scene with more energy than a nuclear power plant and a real penchant for finding herself in the middle of chaos. TAKE THE BODY AND RUN is a fast-paced ride with a sparkling character and written in a new, original voice. This is a don't-miss debut.”

Carolyn Haines, USA Today bestselling author on Take the Body and Run

“Jada Ryker has created another gripping, non-stop exciting story based on the adventures of Marissa Adair. In Mayhem Takes a Dare: The Second Marisa Adair Mystery Adventure by Jada Ryker, more of Marissa’s background and true nature is disclosed as Marissa deals with her own life, her nosy neighbor and friends with their struggles, some of which end in murder. The action moves quickly, the characters are well developed, and emotions are genuine and sometimes volatile. Just as the first book in the series, Book 2 of the Marissa Adair Mystery Series is engrossing, entertaining and well worth reading. ”

“This novel hits the floor running… and ignites a twisty, tangled plot featuring stalkers, attempted murder, incipient romance, a dollop or five of the creepy supernatural, and above all, the question of whether or not there are actually zombies in Heaven’s Bottom, a remote area in rural Kentucky. At least two women have disappeared in this dark region, and Olivia West, her soon-to-be boyfriend Detective Steven Lewis, and a likable group of oddball characters are thrown together to investigate and solve matters.”

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