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Author Tracy Fobes has published award-winning rich paranormal romances with both Simon & Schuster and Leisure LoveSpell. She’s also published full-length romance and horror novels as eBooks.

As Georgina Sand, she goes in a different direction and pens hot erotic romances that often have a paranormal twist, too.


Books By This Author

“Fobes’ novel is a pleasingly diverse mix: a decorated soldier with a father void and a thing for the woman who affects him like no other; a resurrected town shackled by nasty Russians; and a secret society in need of a new recruit. The story moves quickly and has a couple of unexpected twists as well as a violent pair of goons with the gift of gab. Dubbed Ugly and Uglier by Jake, they effectively place him back in the battlefield.”

“I wasn't sure what to expect when I chose Stowaway as my book this week, but I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. There was a certain element of childish whimsy to the entire plot, and I definitely enjoyed the coming of age aspect of the book. Maritime adventures have always held a special place in my heart, and although I am quite a bit older than Kit, I remember those dreams of adventure, to escape from the shackles of life in my hometown, growing up to do what everyone expected. While I never had a stowaway adventure filled with subtle life lessons, witty writing, and memorable characters, I read to engage with an author and understand their take on life, and when it comes to Fobes, I think we're on the same page. I was impressed by how indefinable this book seemed in terms of a genre; was it a character-driven adventure story, a shocking horror story, or just a rambling work of fiction? It was a beautifully written work, regardless of what you get out of it, and I would recommend that anyone hungry for an adventure should pick up a copy and dive in. Kit is amusing, charming, irascible, and unforgettable. Truly a great new character. ”

“[Tracy Fobes] crafts a well-written, imaginative and quick-moving horror tale that’s plenty enjoyable. Demonic possession may be a tried-and-true horror staple, but by placing the maritime tale in the early 1800s, [Fobes] imbues the old theme with new life. ”

“Historical fiction is, hands down, my favorite genre as I love being taught history on the sly as I'm entertained with an interesting tale. Paranormal and fantasy run a close second, so when the two are combined, the book is already nearly a sure winner for me. This was definitely the case with author Tracy Forbes' 'Stowaway: Curse of the Red Pearl'. An incredibly well-written adventure, beginning in early 19th century Boston and launching onto the high seas as precocious Kit Cabot stows away on his uncle's ship and gets much more excitement than he bargained for. This was a dark and amazingly fun adventure that I was sad to see come to an end. Very well done.”

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