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CONNIE BRYSON moved from Claremont, California to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a television commercial actress and model. In 1980, she dedicated herself to God, and her life profoundly changed.  She and her husband, along with NBC, developed and produced television shows for children, including, “Saved by the Bell.” Her original photograph is displayed on the cover of this book. She has been teaching the Bible to women for twenty-seven years, as of this publication. Her love for God, family, and others has inspired her to share the supernatural events that God has created in her life. Connie’s greatest desire is to finish well.

God had performed many miracles and acts of grace in Bible times, but do you know that He still performs the supernatural today? Connie Bryson has experienced God’s strong hand of grace upon her life numerous times. In moments of near death events, during perilous journeys, and in every day trials. He used her to lay hands on the sick, and perform many miracles in Jesus’ name. These true stories are written in her books that are displayed on Amazon. MIRACLES- Expect Something Wild, and MIRACLES – The Holy Spirit’s Fire, are two of her books that are dear to her heart. Journey through these true stories with her, and enjoy reading about the supernatural miracles God has done in this author’s life.

Books By This Author

“The subject of the Trinity and the Holy Spirit in particular can be such a mystery to most. The author clearly and concisely defines and clarifies the person of the Holy Spirit and how we can embrace, enter into relationship, and use the gifts that God offers through His miraculous indwelling. This is a great Bible Study book for a group or to use individually to refresh, edify, and bless the reader. Ms Bryson has a gift for being authentic and personally transparent in her writing and love for God in all His attributes. My spirit is always lifted when I read her work. I am grateful for her commitment to Christ and sharing His many blessings in her life.”

“A beautifully written book that helped me to feel more confident that I was indeed hearing from God. As I read each page, the certainty of how important it is to let the Holy Spirit live in us and work through us unfolded. The confusion and mystery of God's presence in our lives, is now much clearer, thanks to this wonderful book. It is short, which I usually like, but I felt so much peace and calm while reading, I didn't want this book to end. ”

“Just in time for days at the beach I got this book as my Kindle Borrow for the month. The author creates such lovely imagery with her words. You have to stop and think about what some of them mean to you, which is what I like about this book. It's beautifully written and thought provoking at the same time. You'll probably relate to some of the themes of the poems. It made me want to write some of my own poetry. ”

“This book was amazing! It has helped me understand the Holy Spirit in a way I never have before. We need the Holy Spirit’s power enabling us to be 'alive' in our walk with the Lord. Reading this book, along with the Bible, has been life changing. I encourage anyone who desires to have a daily intimate relationship with God to read this book. ”

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