Becca St. John


An Accidental Writer ~

Writing was a tool, not a toy, until a stay in a haunted hotel. Howling wind and creaking floors sent Becca to a bookcase full of dog-eared romances. Fascination swept away sleeplessness. Hooked, she read old romances, new romances, both sexy and sweet, until her own tales begged to be written.

Living in Florida, Becca divides her time between dreaming up stories, diving deep into history, kayaking, and swimming. Her husband gives her the space she needs by fishing mangroves and waterways, or watching football (the English sort) with his British buddies. Becca and her hubby break the routine with adventure travel; though, at heart, Becca is a homebody believing there is no greater playground than inside the mind.

Books By This Author

“Fabulous! cant wait to start reading the next one....but when I saw the author I knew it would be wonderful. Ms, St. John, you always write a book well worth reading. Thank you so much!!!! I love your books, and always look forward to them!”

Kindle Reviewer on The Healer

“I loved this entire series. It held my interest and had surprising twists throughout. Just enough Rom as nice without going overboard. Very enjoyable read. ”

Kindle Reviewer on The Protector

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