R. Scott Mackey


Scott Mackey lives in Northern California, where he writes both fiction and non-fiction. His first book, Barbary Baseball, achieved critical acclaim from baseball historians for its quality research and writing. He followed that with two young adult novels--Blood Runs Deep and The Bugfish Experiment. His most recent novel, Courage Matters, is the first in a planned series about private investigator Ray Courage. Look for the next Ray Courage book in September 2015.

Books By This Author

“I listen to books on my Kindle while working on my jigsaw puzzles. Needless to say I've gotten a lot of jigsaw puzzle done while listening to Courage Stolen because it kept me on edge till the end. I'll be reading (or listening) to more of R. Scott Mackey's books now that I've gotten a taste of his work. I received an advance copy of Courage Stolen in exchange for my unbiased review.”

“I was very fortunate to receive a copy of this book to review. Just finished the last chapter. What can I say. Another great storyline. I was impressed with how it held my interest, even though my wife wasn't when I was reading all through supper. You won't be disappointed if you buy this book. Well worth the 5 star rating. Keep up the great work Scott.”

“Could not put this down until I found out whodunit. The author is a skilled story-teller with a nimble style, a wonderful eye for detail and a sure grasp of character development. There were just *enough* clues that when I got to the end I could see where he had been going all along, but he also offered very satisfying pieces of skilled misdirection that threw me off-track along the way. Well-crafted and clever writing throughout ... Courage Matters is a wonderful debut, first of what I hope will be a long-running series. ”

“I really enjoyed 'Courage Stolen'. So much so, in fact, that I am getting other books in this series. Apparently I have found a wonderful new (to me) author with a likable, believable hero. Slightly older than the usual hero-type, self effacing, intelligent and likable, Ray Courage brings everything one could want in a protagonist to the table. The novel was carefully constructed with no loose ends and had well-developed characters. Even minor characters were fleshed out. There was enough technical, scientific information that he reader knows Mr. Mackey did his research homework. I won't spoil the book for you by telling you the plot. I will, however, say that if you like plot twists and surprise endings, you will love this book. I can't say enough good things about 'Courage Stolen', except if you are not familiar with this author, do yourself a favor and arrange an introduction. You won't be sorry.”

“Pithy dialogue and on-the-mark narrative descriptions, along with a good mixture of humor and horror, mark Courage Begins as a must-read book for mystery fans.”


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