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Aimee Pitta, co-author of Happily Ever Before, is an award winning Film and Television Marketing Executive, this is her second novel. Aimee currently resides in Los Angeles with her couch, DVR and her dog Brooklyn.

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“The premise of this book was great. If we do not engage with life we soon become invisible. While reading this I began to really wonder how much we ignore one another as we go about our days. What does real engagement actually look like? If you're selecting a great discussion book for your book club, I think this might be a winner as the debates and mind twists are abundant. Aimee Pitta- Thank-you for making me think...please keep writing... ”

“This book was hilarious. There were times while I was reading that I laughed out loud startling my husband who was peacefully minding his own business. I usually try to keep a book running along gradually so I can enjoy a little reading each night before bed, but I went through this one quickly. I lost myself in the comedy. Please, someone make this into a film! I can already imagine the cast of the movie; Kristin Wiig playing Grace with her hair dyed black and Kate McKinnon to play the younger sister Clair. So if you want a nice story, with great comedy, and a little romance; pick Happily Ever Before! ”

“Charming, funny, sweet, loving & entertaining. Very real characters with modern day problems. Something for all adult women to identify with. Loss, family, tears & laughter. We all may age, but still strive to find ourselves & that is okay! I look forward to reading another book by these funny & highly entertaining ladies. Easy fun read!! ”

“I gave this book a 5 star rating because it was one of the most heartfelt and lovely stories of family and the bond. I would recommend anyone read it carefully and then read it again. ”

“I loved this book from the moment I picked it up. The characters are so real and so likable that you care about them almost immediately. I'm a big fan of the Harry Potter books and Neil Gaiman, and love a bit of magic in my stories, and this did not disappoint. ”

“Aimee Pitta has written a novel that works on multiple levels -- first, it is an engaging read. More importantly for me, Pitta's book allowed me to connect to and embrace emotions within myself having to do with a loss. Grief is a lonely place and this story eased a little of that loneliness while I was reading it. For that I am grateful. ”

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