American Idol Is Out Of Platinum Tickets: Katy Perry Gives Last Platinum Ticket To A “Superstar” In The Making

American Idol’s last platinum ticket is given away by Katy Perry.

In Monday’s episode judge Katy Perry gave away the final platinum ticket to a young contestant. The platinum ticket has the power to send a talented singer directly to the first round of Hollywood Week.

There are a total of three platinum tickets and the first two were granted in the previous episodes. But the third and final one went to 23-year-old Jay Copeland. He performed a classic song “Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours” that left the judges stunned. Perry was impressed within the first five notes.

Before coming for an audition, Jay opened up about how he was going to graduate his acting school but he had to drop out when the school wouldn’t let him audition for American Idol.

He also expressed his thoughts that he is not sure whether he made the right decision or not. But he does know that he took the best decision for himself.

According to Perry and other judges Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie, Jay made the right choice.

Perry was so impressed by Jay that she said that finally there’s some competition in American Idol. She also said that Jay has studied a lot and it’s fine for him to skip a day in school. 

After Jay’s performance, he was given the final platinum ticket by Perry.

Perry said that American Idol is its 20th year of creating superstars and that he deserves the platinum ticket.

One emotional audition came from an 18-year-old babysitter named Saylor. Before her audition, she opened her about her dad who abandoned them three years ago and married a woman he met online.

Saylor said that she wants to prove to her dad that she no longer needs his approval after she gets through the audition.

She performed “All I Want” by Kodaline. During her performance, Saylor was so full of emotions that her voice cracked. She immediately apologised, but Richie encouraged her to finish the song.

American Idol is currently in its 20th season. All the three platinum tickets of the season are finally exhausted, with Katy Perry granting the last one to Jay Copeland.

Season 20 of American Idol has witnessed several talented singers. Some auditions were fun, while others were emotional. American Idol has created a platform for everyone to come to showcase their singing talent.

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