When Air Gear Season 2 Is Releasing? Know Its Updates, Cast, Characters & Plot

The most common motif in anime has always been games. Many anime designers and manga writers have been inspired by it and created an anime series based on sports such as basketball, baseball, soccer, boxing, and, of course, car racing. Who would have guessed that anime could also have rollerblading? Someone did it because it was an anime theme called ‘Air Gear.’ Contains more than 13 manga volumes. On days when you don’t feel good and need something to complete the day, a good inspiring anime is all you need. Unfortunately, ‘Air Gear’ does not achieve this; instead, it confuses its nature. What starts like a sports anime changes quickly to an old-fashioned shounen with a completely different tone and action.

Air Gear Season 2

In 2006, anime fans were introduced to Air Gear, a series of activities and sports. We all know how important a sports anime like Haikyuu or Star Align is in the Japanese anime culture. Air Gear was one of the most popular anime series in the genre. The Japanese false artist is known as “Oh! Fantastic” has written a series of manga, which has sold more than 20 million copies worldwide. The anime was broadcast on TV Tokyo from April 4, 2006, to September 26, 2006, and was played by Toei Animation, which produced animations. Anime licensed by Funimation and broadcast on Hulu TV garnered worldwide viewers. Despite the passage of time, many anime fans continue to get the series and worry about the second season. Is it possible that the anime will be revived for the second season?

Release Date

Season 1 of ‘Air Gear’ premiered on April 5, 2006, and ended on September 27, 2006. Since the first season ended, there have been rumors regarding the second season circulating on the internet. Many people believe that the two OVAs released shortly after the first season are sequels to it, however, this is not the case. The OVAs were adapted from several volumes of the manga that were released much later, thus calling them sequels would be inaccurate. It’s been so long since the anime’s first season aired that many fans are beginning to lose faith that a new season will be released.

In terms of the manga, the author has so far written 37 volumes, just 12 of which were shown in the first season of the anime. The OVAs, on the other hand, only cover volumes 16, 23, and 24. So, the anime still has a lot of source material to cover. But it’s the show’s sales that are a source of concern because total sales include DVDs, souvenirs, and even internet streaming, and the numbers aren’t very encouraging. As a result, it appears that the odds of receiving a new season are nearly nil at this point. The 2021 or 2022 release date for Air Gear Season 2 appears to be a long way off at this time.


  1. Ringo Nayomano 

Ringo, the show’s female character, has known Ikki since they were children. She’s a young adolescent with reddish-purple hair that reaches her waist. Her hair is usually tied in two long twin tails with a small fringe on the forehead. She wears glasses virtually all of the time at the beginning of the series, but she eventually stops. She is one of her school’s brightest students and works diligently to maintain her high academic standards. She is also extremely sociable with everyone and goes out of her way to assist her pals whenever possible. She only becomes aggressive when one of her teammates (particularly Ikki) engages in perverse behavior.

  1. Kazuma Mikura 

Kazuma Mikura, additionally called Kazu, is Itsuki’s, superb pal. He is the second Air Trek group member in Kogarasumaru, and he remains together with his elder sister at the same time as his mom and dad are overseas. He is a tall younger guy with blue eyes and white hair. Over her spiky blond hair, she typically wears a gray beanie that suits the coloration of her gray pullover. Unless he sustains an extensive injury, the bike is constantly present. Her attractive look and calm way have received her a legion of online enthusiasts from all over the world. 

  1. Itsuki Minami 

Itsuki, also known as Ikki, is the anime’s main character and primary idol. Before the anime begins, Itsuki has ties to several school organizations, and it is his involvement with these organizations that lead to his one-of-a-kind Air Trek Team look. 

Plot Of The Show

At Higachu High School, Minami (Ikki) is the boss of the gang named “East Side Gunz”. Babyface is his nickname. He gets humiliated one day by the gang known as Storm Sader, which is a band of Storm Riders utilizing Air Treck, a type of skate. Because of Air Trecks, he got conquered when battling alone due to their swiftness. Minami living with a Noyamano family, which consists of four sisters called Ume, Rika, Mikan, and Ringo. They’ve also learned that he was defeated in the battle. Ikki becomes even additionally ambitious as a result of this. Later, when he walks up to his room after the females have gone to the restroom, he notices a door. Even with the sign of no entry, he walks inside right away, searches around, and discovers an Air Trecks pair. This Sleeping Forest symbol lies among them. He is perplexed as to why this family is keeping it hidden from ikki and quickly begins to use it. 

He progressed day-by-day, despite being a beginner user initially. Ikki competes with the group of Skull Saders and having a lovely battle with Simca, a girl, on the route, looking for the head of the Storm Sader gang to exact his revenge with Air Trecks. He puts himself into difficulties when he sees himself in a sphere he is utterly unfamiliar with. However, he soon falls in love with the sensation of flight and engages himself with Air Treck. Now, ikki, realizes his one genuine desire: to be king of the skies.

Where Can We Expect The Second Season To Take Us?

The anime’s first season featured the 1st twelve manga series. Surprisingly Itsuki uses his friends and sneaks into Trident’s secret area in the last episode. Ikki, as a devoted and compassionate friend, never gives up on his friends. He competes against Sora and wins by 0.89 points. After all that has been said and done, Ikki finally wins his battle with Sora. We see Ikki achieving his goals at the end of the season after a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. These battles with rivals, however, will never end because they are a universal requirement for anime. 

If there is a second season, we will see Sora and Ikki’s endless races in different ways in the next few episodes. In addition, while residing with his family, Ikki will be trained, improved, and seem like a more informed figure. The manga contains a wealth of content and scenarios that may be adapted. We’ll get the opportunity to understand more about Sora and Ringo’s inner lives. It may be a highly engaging season if the tale focuses not just on the main characters but also on the impacted groups of individuals surrounding them.

Is There Enough Material To Continue With?

The continuation of Air Gear Season 2 depends on the availability of the source material, as is the practice of manga. Fortunately, there is enough material to produce a second season of sports anime. There are 37 volumes in the Air Gear manga series. The first season of the TV game changed the first 12 volumes of source material, as well as new ones. Episodes 16, 23, and 24 have been eaten up by two anime OVAs.

As a result, around 22 volumes of the manga have yet to be converted into anime episodes. As a result, the second installment will have plenty of material to work with. However, if Season 2 is renewed, the show’s creators will have enough material for a third season. For the time being, we can only hope that the anime is given another chance to establish itself. 

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