1st Chapter Spotlight

The New World: Blue Moon Generation

Andy Skrzynski

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Many peaceful years have passed since the devastating battle of 2075. The new generation, conceived under a mystical blue moon, is about to awaken to the vicious attacks unveiled through their parents' tales. Once, living only in youngsters' nightmares, ferocious beasts now stir in the shadows of Ukkiville -- even during the light of day. Blood-thirsty predators with glowing eyes, gnashing teeth, and razor-sharp claws prey on unsuspecting victims. Caru, the brave but brash young daughter of Ukkiville's ruler, fears nothing. Trained by the best and possessing powers of the mind greater than her father's, she leads her two lifelong friends into the teeth of intensifying perils. If heart-pumping suspense is what you seek, dive into this gripping, action-packed adventure -- a brand new release. Don't miss it!

“WOW! This was great! Edge of your seat, heart thumping GREAT! What an ending. I never really thought I would be interested in reading this new SyFy book.This 1st thing I thought of was Star Trek and I am NOT a Star Trek fan. But I thought, what the heck, I'll give it a try. To my SURPRISE, I was hooked from the 1st page. I couldn't stop reading it. Maybe because when you are reading this book, how close is this to the world today! You think as you read along, what more could possible happen? Well let me tell you, ANYTHING is possible! This sequel is every bit as good as the 1st book. I could see these books done as movies and YES, I would watch them. I can't wait for book 3!”

About Andy Skrzynski

Born on a frigid day in Michigan, I enjoyed the wonderful lakes and summers of that beautiful State for 22 years before my trek to the glorious and sunny State of Texas where I've lived for 40 years. I love to exploit the moderate springs, autumns, and winters to fish and hunt whenever spare moments allow. Of course, my passion for writing often competes for precious time with my hobbies.

By now, you've probably noticed that I've been blessed with a tongue-twister of a name. Fate often challenges us in ways unexpected. I've had to spell and enunciate "Skrzynski" millions of times to strangers — sometimes three or four reiterations at our first introduction. Perhaps it's this deep-rooted psychological influence that led me to the remarkably zany names awarded to the characters in my books. If not for humor, how could we survive life's utterly bizarre twists and turns?

In case you were wondering what motivates my writings. It's quite simple — DREAMS! Those vicious creatures lurking deep in the pages of my book are elaborate fabrications of my brain activity in the wee hours of my sleep. There are mornings when I awaken to heart-pumping action that demands to be put to words and often leads to three to four chapters of exhilarating suspense and action in a matter of a couple of hours while I sip my delightful cups of coffee — lots of sugar and cream, thank you.

Venture to discover more about the zany character names, ferocious creatures, and the birth of "The New World: A Step Backward" by exploring the "Inside Stories" and much more at the colorful and informative website of my book series: http://www.andyskrzynski.com/

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